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Medical Cannabis and the Strain type that brings us to LIFE

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 01:45 AM



stay tuned for editing.... cuz i suck at spelling and grammer










Skunk oil for your joints and tendons

1 large glass jar ( big pickle jar)
8 whole eggs
1 qt or pure gum turpentine... (pine tree extract) hardwhare store **Caution flammable
1 qt of apple cider vinegar
stew for 2 weeks always in a 1 gallon glass jar.... lightly stirring every day

strain eggs out using cheese cloth or other screen type

the magic is in the whole eggs.... do not crack the eggs... they just dissolve and deform to a mush…. It strips the calcium from the shell

At the end of the stewing process use a scented oil of your choice... I use mint massage oil or other scented oil of your choice… vanilla…. Ect.
• Oils that can work olive, sunflower seed, Shea butter( good balm),Moroccan Argan oil.
• Enriched (cannabis plant) oils stewed at 160* degrees for 1-4 hours… then strain Plant matter using a screen and cheese cloth.
• After you have filtered selected oil mixed with final liniment oil.
• Store in a cool dark place ….

Shake bottle for 10 seconds.
soak towel in linamint oil and place the moist towel on your joints for 15 miutues once a day

enriched liniment oil can have zero pain in 15 minutes

it can take upto 2 weeks for the pain to disappear totally ( depending on personal issues)

shake very well
keep shaking well……. do to the separation in oils is fast in the jar

I have used gloves on my feet and hands to allow for the soaking prosess to happen

I have used paper towels and clothes to wrap finger and knees and then wrap plastic wrap or tape around that for a good hold.

this product can be corrosive to sensitive skin…. So appliy with caution.
when making the linimint oil please do it in a well ventilated area.... fumes from the oil can make your eyes water when making linimint.
pure gum turpentine is flammable... use with caution.

1.do not use on spine or back….. may cause cramping or spasms

2 do not use (soak) for more than 15 minutes… skin is sensitive and liniment is known to burn sensitive skin areas. Please apply with caution.

3. start off in light soaking amounts and start out in 5 min. soaking times. Then as you learn how the product responds to your skin up the time to 15 minutes.

4. Only apply once a day so your skin has time to heal from treatment.

5. Straight liniment oil can take up to 2 weeks for pain to go away.

6. Enriched liniment oil can have immediate pain relief with long term healing.

7. please wash in warm soapy water to wash oil off…. Re wash if skin is irritated.

8.do not use near eyes, genitals or swallow…. If so wash thoroughly for 15 minutes…. If swallowed please vomit up and seek medical attention.

Pain relief for certain symptoms

Arthritis joint discomfort
Tendos inflamed
Joint discomfort
Cracked and injured bones can have immediate pain relief with enriched liniment oil.
Hoping for gout pain relief


in my experiences I have witnessed the struggles of making and using liniment oil

1 complex to make
2 smells like very powerful medicine. Needs a scented oil.
3.hard to bottle…. But a kerr jar and lid have worked well in past years.
4.wrapping knuckles, elbows, knees, ankles and feet can be cumbersome. Using latex or non latex gloves work very well

isopropyl alcohol is sold to any one for a dollar any where..... many use it for hash makings..... i trust they are safe with it
that shit is like a Molotov cocktail compared to this oil.

i tried to catch linimint on fire in the jar.... tried to light linimint on fire on the table..... nothing... so that is good news

so i will close the thred for now till i have had more tests.... few people in my group trying it out.

remember columbus sailed the seven seas in search of his pepper that helped him with his asthma..

people will do strange things when they seek pain relief.
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